Februari 07, 2024

On December 29 2023, the Supreme Court announced Circular Letter of the Supreme Court No. 3 of 2023 (“SEMA No. 3/2023”) which in essence sets out a number of guidelines, as follows; (i) The execution of using Indonesian Language in the agreements with foreign parties, (ii) Legal Certainty related to the Creditor in the Bankruptcy and Postponement of Debt Payment Obligations Cases in Indonesia; and (iii) matter with regards to the Disputes in Industrial Relations in particular on the Work Termination.

Legal matters and intelligence are intricately intertwined. The connection between legal and intelligence is grounded in their shared emphasis on the rule of law and law enforcement. Legal research and practices involve exploring laws, regulations, and the legal system, while intelligence studies involve the collection, analysis, and application of information to support decision-making in law enforcement matters.

November 20, 2023

Recently, the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, signed a new law regarding the mandatory reporting for job vacancies regulated under Presidential Regulation No.57 of 2023 (“Regulation”) that came into force on 25 September 2023.

Oktober 16, 2023

    Our Partner, Muhamamd Arbani S.H. M.Kn commented on the existence of Tiktok shop and its implication on Conventional Small Medium Enterprise. Arbani argues that the existence of Tiktok shop has been anticipated by the government where regulators has given a “Green Light” for Tiktok shop to operate in Indonesia which means that all the implications have been thought trough, the problem is that conventional MSME’s see this trend as a threat rather than a challenge and currently the government has shut down Tiktok shop and its operation however Arbani sees this irrelevant in boosting up the economy of conventional MSME’s as the operation of Tiktok shop in Indonesia has only been 3-4 months therefore it is hard to discuss based on Data whether or not Tiktok shop causes conventional MSME’s to loose sales




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