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AHFP Law Firm is a Boutique Law firm in Indonesia specializing in a wide range of Dispute Resolution (Criminal, Civil, and Commercial litigation) as well as an experienced practice on a broad scale of business transactions such as Investment, General Corporate Matters, Project, Merger & Acquisition, Debt & Corporate Restructuring as long as Labor Law, Competition Law, Intellectual Property (IP) and Technology. Our firm has assisted National and Multinational Companies in navigating through legal problems by providing intimate yet well-designed advice that can be absorbed by our clients in as simple a way as possible.

We are always adapting to the changes in the legal world whilst equipping our firm with the best talents that are ready to encounter every legal aspect and specialization. At AHFP, we constantly strive towards primacy in taking care of your legal issues. We equipped our firm with the best legal practitioners that have depth understanding and experience in their respective field of practice. We believe that by combining knowledge and experience at the same time, we will be able to deliver credible advice in a good and reasonable way.

As a foundation of our firm, we always maintain integrity, detail and responsiveness in every area we handle, we trust that to overcome any obstacles, these values are highly important. First, we believe that by carrying integrity as our value, we will grow rapidly and gain a reputation for providing high-quality advice to our clients. Second, in every task we do, we have to always keep every sector as detailed as possible to build well-structured advice. Third, we understand that our client needs are the top-priority, that’s why responsiveness is everything to establish a good relation between us and our client. Hence, we believe that by holding our cores, we are able to become a precise and personalize firm for your necessity.




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